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Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore
LL.B. (Hons), National University of Singapore

Memberships and Appointments

  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Notary Public
  • Mediator, State Courts
  • Mediator, Small Claims Tribunal
  • Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre
  • Panel of Mediators, Inquiry Committee of the Law Society
  • Legal Advisor, MCST No. 2297 (Seasons Park Condominium)
  • Legal Advisor, Singapore Kang Clan ASsociation
  • Member, Law Society of Singapore
  • Member, Singapore Academy of Law

Kim Yang is a seasoned litigator, with professional experience covering wide areas of law and all aspects of the trial and appellate process. His extensive litigation practice includes civil, commercial, criminal law, construction, company, family, insolvency, insurance /personal injury / industrial accident, employment, defamation and estate law. He also provides advice on commercial, corporate, joint ventures and landlord-tenant agreements and is experienced in the conveyancing of commercial and residential properties.

Kim Yang is also an arbitration Counsel and a Court-appointed mediator with vast experience.

He is fluent in English, Mandarin and can converse in several Chinese dialects (i.e. Hokkien, Teochew, Hainanese, & Cantonese).

Notable Cases:

2015 – 2019

(1) Acted for the Plaintiffs (8 sisters) in a corporate minority oppression case, which eventually led to the Defendants agreeing to buy over the shares of the Plaintiffs, and involving assets valued about S$60 million;

(2) Acted for a Hong Kong listed company (the “SDM” group) in legal due diligence to acquire close to 20 child-care centres in Singapore with advice rendered covering trust properties and rights of franchisees;

(3) Acting for a donee under an LPA to claim back the assets (valued at over S$5.1 million) of her mentally incapacitated 88-year old mother, with an application for interim injunction and many issues involving the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act;

(4) Acting for the daughter (who is domiciled in the USA) of an allegedly mental incapacitated 89 year-old woman, to prevent her brother from dissipating her mother’s assets amounting to S$10 million;

(5) Acting as Arbitration Counsel for a construction company in a dispute relating to defective materials received from a supplier from China;

(6) Successfully defended 3 owners against a High Court suit by a developer to compel the 3 owners to sign certain documents, involving issues on applicability of “common interest” principles;

(7) Acted for a company in a successful appeal against an Order from the Labour Court ordering the Appellant company to pay alleged arrears of salaries to a foreign worker;

(8) Acted for a part-time model in a High Court action to claim substantial damages for personal injuries arising out of a horrific road accident;

(9)  Acted for a foreign company in the enforcement of 2 Arbitration Awards against a local company;

(10)   Defended a company director in an appeal against a Court order for contempt of Court for his failure to disclose the whereabouts of assets valued over USD 10 million;

(11) Defended a company director against a bankruptcy application involving assets allegedly owing in excess of USD 20 million; and

(12) Acting for a man who found a plastic duct in his bile duct in a medical negligence claim against his doctor and the hospital.

2013 – 2014

(13) Acted for a construction company in an SIAC arbitration in which an application for summary award was successfully made against a contractor for the supply and installation of steel structural works at the Star Vista building located at Buona Vista Exchange / Rochester Drive.

(14) Acted for a company in a Court suit involving defending a claim for AWS (annual wage supplement) and salary for unused annual leave accumulated over 4 years.

2010 – 2013

(15) Acted for a partnership and argued successfully against a striking out action alleging a suit by a wrong party in DC Suit No. 726 of 2013.  Main issue relates to whether a back-dated Notice of Dissolution of a partnership could be validly withdrawn.

(16) Acted for an Accused charged with 3 counts of criminal breach of trust under the Penal Code in case cited as Public Prosecutor v. Tan Ke Huat [2012] SGDC 259. The Accused was given a discharge amounting to acquittal in Magistrate Appeal No. 75 of 2012/01.  See Appellant’s Summary of the case at this link **

(17) Acted as co-Counsel in defending a shipyard against a charge under the Workplace Safety & Health Act, involving deaths of 2 workers who had fallen into a cargo tank hole of a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanker known as “Formosagas No. 3”. See case report cited as Public Prosecutor v. Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd [2012] SGDC 396, as well as the Accused / Appellant’s Summary of the case in Magistrate Appeal No. 201/2012/01 at this link **.

(18) Acted as co-Counsel in defending a shipyard against a charge under the Workplace Safety & Health Act, involving the death of 2 workers due to the accidental triggering of a fixed fire extinguisher system on board a vessel known as the “Pacific Ataawhai”, in MOM Summons No. 164 of 2011.

(19) Acted as co-Counsel for a sub-tenant claiming the head tenant made misrepresentations in case cited as Fico Sports Inc Pte Ltd v. Thong Hup Gardens Pte Ltd [2011] 1 SLR 40.

(20) Successfully argued against an application to set aside a High Court judgment based on an allegation of a breach of natural justice in that there was bias by the trial judge. See case reported at AQV v. AQW [2011] SGHC 142. He again succeeded in defending an appeal by the opposing party (Civil Appeal No. 83 of 2011). See link at ** for a Newspaper Report and a Summary by the Respondent.

(21) Acted for a multi-millionaire professional in a contested action over a matrimonial property valued at $5 million. Despite the client’s 7 year marriage with the Vietnamese wife and a son born of the marriage, Kim Yang successfully argued that she was not entitled to any share in the said property. Kim Yang succeeded in defending an appeal by the wife (Civil Appeal No. 43 of 2010). See a Chinese news report on the case and its English translation at this link ***.

2006 – 2009

(22) Acted for a lady who successfully sued an aesthetics doctor after the filler injection she received resulted in the growth of pus and pustules in her face.

(23) Acted as the Singapore solicitor for a Malaysian Plaintiff in Johor Bahru High Court Suit No. 22-533-2007 (MT-4) in Koh Mee Lee v. Johor Specialist Hospital Sdn Bhd & Teoh Guan Khung, a successful medical negligence suit against the surgeon for a botch-up operation to remove a large uterine fibroid by a procedure known as vaginal hysterectomy. The main issue involved a question whether the 1cm perforation found in the sigmoid colon of the Plaintiff was discoverable during the operation.

(24) Successfully defended a bunker supply company against a charge under Regulation 9(b) of the Environmental Public Health (Toxic Industrial Waste) Regulations 1988, for having acted as a “toxic industrial waste collector” without licence. See Defence’s Closing Submissions for NEA Summons No. 62012 of 2008 at this link ***

(25) Acted for a wife with a 7-year old child in a successful maintenance claim against a Swiss husband owing a diving resort in Sulawasi, Indonesia in PG v. PH [2006] SGDC 108.

(26) Acted for a Japanese accused of outraging the modesty of a woman under section 354 of the Penal Code in DAC No. 22955 of 2006.  On appeal, the sentence of 6 months jail was varied to a mere $7,000.00 fine, in Magistrate Appeal No. 127 of 2006/01 (Ogawa Takeyoshi v. PP).  See below Appellant’s Skeletal Arguments at this link ***.

2004 – 2005

(27) Acted for Defendant in a defamation action as reported in Bruce Ewen v. Costank(s) Pte Ltd [2004] SGDC 95 and his appeal.

(28) Acted for subcontractor in a project involving the addition & alteration works to Anderson Secondary School and dealing with issues relating to retention sums and progress payments in the case of LBG-NGT Corporation Pte Ltd v. Synergy Construction Pte Ltd(in DC Suit No. 2124 of 2004/W).

(29) Acted for sub-contractor against the Main Contractor in a project involving the addition and alteration works to the basement of Junction 8 Shopping Centre at Bishan Place. Issues relating to rectification works and payments under Progress Payment Certification in the case of LBG-NGT Corporation Pte Ltd v. First Green Engineering Pte Ltd (in DC Suit No. 5316 of 2004/K.

2001 – 2003

(30) Acted as Co-Counsel in Arbitration involving breach of contractual specifications relating to substructure and earth-filling works to a quarry of 60 metres depth. S$2.3 million claim and S$4 million counterclaim. Issues very technical in nature and involves many experts. Case of Kiaw San Engineering & Transport Ltd v. Jackson Piling Civil Engineering Construction Pte Ltd.

(31) Acted as Counsel for a Japanese Joint-Venture Fujita Corporation in a S$2.3 million dispute with the Singapore Government relating to the building and construction of the National Cancer Centre with specifications for high-tech equipment underground. Issues also relating to discharge of performance bond and rectification works. In case of Fujita Corporation v. Government of the Republic of Singapore.

(32) Acted as Counsel in a counterclaim for S$1.5 million relating to form-works carried out in the construction of a Secondary School in Singapore. In case of Sunway Concrete Products (S) Pte Ltd v. Kimetal Pte Ltd (in Suit No. 1074 of 2001 T).

1999 – 2001

(33) Acted as Counsel and conducted a successful 7 days trial as reported in Teo Lai Huat v. Ong Teow Chuie & Sons (Private) Ltd [2001] SGHC 38 and successfully defended an appeal in Civil Appeal No. 157 of 2000.

(34) Acted as Counsel in a successful $100,000.00 claim for fitting out works for Stude Bakers a discotheque at a posh district in Singapore. In case of Teo Chew Water & Electrical Contractor Pte Ltd v. Low Keng Huat (S) Ltd (DC Suit No. 808 of 1998).

(35) Acted as Counsel and conducted a successful trial and appeal in a personal injury case which becomes a landmark authority for a comatose person to claim for loss of amenity although there was absence of pain & suffering. In case of Tan Kok Lam v. Hong Choon Peng [2000] SCHC 201 or [2001] 2 SLR 389.

1995 – 1998

(36) Acted as Counsel in Arbitration involving S$3.3 million claim against the Main Contractor in the building and construction of Eastern General Hospital Singapore. Issues relate to variations, back-charges and damages for delay. In the case of Wonders Engineering Co Pte Ltd v. Sembawang Construction Pte Ltd.

(37) Acted as Counsel for a Malaysian State Company in a Singapore High Court Suit involving RM$4.66 million relating to defective works carried out to covert or modify 65 units of prime movers from the 4 x 2 configuration to the 6 x 2 configuration. In the case of Syntech Engineers Pte Ltd v. Automotive Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in High Court Suit No. 519 of 1995.

(38) Acted as Counsel in a S$750,000.00 claim in a High Court action relating to work carried out in respect of the suspended ceilings in a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station underground. In the case of General Resources (Far East) Pte Ltd v. Lum Chang Construction Pte Ltd in Suit No. 1225 of 1995.

(39) Acted as Counsel in a S$500,000.00 claim in an arbitration involving work carried out in respect of the suspended ceiling in a MRT station underground. In the case of General Resources (Far East) Pte Ltd v. Gammon Antara Koh in Suit No. 539 of 1997.

(40) Acted successfully for the Plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident, as reported in Chua Tiong Beng v. Woo Kim Fatt & Anor [1997] SGHC 36.

1994 – 1995

(41) Acted as assistant Counsel in a successful Arbitration claim relating to painting works to a Super-Yacht. Issues of technical nature. In the case of Auslinksin Marine Pte Ltd v. Aluminium Craft (88) Pte Ltd.