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Criminal Law

Finding yourself accused of a crime can have a devastating effect on your reputation and overall mental well-being. In these circumstances, you need a helping hand who can provide you the appropriate legal guidance and successfully defend you.

At Templars Law LLC, we have experienced lawyers who can advise you regarding all aspects of criminal law and fight for your cause.

We believe that every accused is innocent until proven guilty through a fair trial. Our criminal law practice is highly reputed because of our empathy towards our clients, along with a good grasp of the law. Our lawyers always take time to completely understand the most critical element of the case — the client. We chalk out strategy by keeping the interests of our clients at heart.

We have onboard several notable practitioners who come with a proven track record of representing clients in some of the most complex criminal law matters.

We are extremely detail-oriented and possess the skills to understand the rapidly changing investigative and criminal law framework. Our criminal lawyers also actively participate in the Law Society Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) and Criminal Law Revision Committees.

We advise on a whole spectrum of criminal defence advisory and representation for offenses ranging from theft and domestic abuse to drug trafficking and white-collar crimes.