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Family Law

Having competent and compassionate attorneys on your side can make it easier for you to handle traumatic events such as divorce, separation, custody of your children, and navigate complex legal matters.

At Templars Law LLC, we take a sensible and considered approach to each case so you can tide over challenging times like these.

Having handled several complex matters over the years, our seasoned lawyers bring to the table a wealth of experience in handling unique challenges in family law.

Using our expertise in related fields such as mediation and conflict management, we guide our clients through a difficult time. Our sole objective remains to obtain a just and equitable outcome for both our clients and their children.

We have also been called upon to assist on international family law matters and have developed strong working relationships with accountants, private investigators, and overseas law firms. In particular, we can provide assistance with:

  • Adoption;
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement;
  • Deed of Separation;
  • Annulment of Marriages;
  • Cross-Border & International Divorces;
  • Detection of Adultery;
  • Injunctions (freezing of assets);
  • Custody, Care & Control of Children;
  • Maintenance of Wife and Children; and
  • Enforcement / Variation of Court Orders