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LPA and Mental Capacity Issues

Capacity is crucial for determining whether someone is legally entitled to make decisions for themselves, including who they meet and the kind of treatment they receive. Making the right decisions on behalf of someone who lacks capacity is never easy. Finding the right balance between autonomy and protecting the vulnerable can be challenging without a thorough understanding of the Mental Capacity Act.

At Templars Law LLC, we leverage our mental health law expertise to cut through the legal jargon and provide you specialist advice and assistance regarding all aspects of mental capacity, including the execution of Lasting Powers of Attorney to support your loved ones.

We walk the extra mile to explain the complex medico-legal issues in a straightforward manner so that you can make the right decision during a stressful and vulnerable time.

In particular, we have provided legal assistance to our clients for the following:

  • Interpreting the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act and advising on the rights available thereunder;
  • Appoint of Deputies under the Mental Capacity Act;
  • Executing/Revoking Lasting Powers of Attorney and advising on the protection of Donees;

Our lawyers bring a depth of experience in dealing with myriad issues related to the Mental Capacity Act.