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Wills, Trust & Probate

Estate planning and drawing up wills can be an extremely complicated affair. Given the sensitive nature of the work, having trusted legal advisers by your side can help you to protect your wealth and make necessary arrangements for your loved ones.

Providing personalized services to take care of the individual needs of our clients has been one of the distinguishing features of Templars Law LLC. We have a dedicated practice area to advise our clients on a broad range of contentious issues in connection with estates, pension trusts, will, and probate matters.

We have significant experience with several high-value estates and High Net-worth Individuals, enabling us to understand the unique challenges fully. Our objectivity and thorough legal knowledge have helped us build a powerful presence in the region and consistently attract high-quality work.

We have seasoned practitioners who bring a breadth of experience in dealing with a broad spectrum of issues relating to probate and wills. In particular, we have provided legal assistance to our clients for the following:

  • Applying to Court for a Grant of Probate (with a Will), a Grant of Letters of Administration (without a Will or with Will annexed), a Grant of Representation for a foreign-domiciled deceased (non-Singapore domiciled);
  • Resealing of Commonwealth Grant (where the deceased has assets in Singapore and has died domiciled in any of the Commonwealth countries);
  • Drawing up wills for unmarried couples in long-term domestic relationships, single individuals, married couples with and without children; and
  • Handling litigious cases involving allegations of fraudulent wills and contested probate proceedings.