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Winson Poh

Winson Poh

Business Manager

Areas of Practice:


Winson graduated with Bachelor of Science in Banking  and Finance from University of London in 2009. He then obtained his Master of Business Administration (Finance) from Patten University in 2021.

His experience in conveyancing began in 2007 when he worked in HSBC, where he learned about different legal instruments and documentation required for conveyancing. He went on to join OCBC as a Mortgage Specialist. He assisted to structure loans and provided advice to clients to assist them in their property purchase and other housing needs. He went on to the Building and Construction industry after he left the bank in 2015. He had worked with several builders and architects to oversee the reconstruction and A&A of several landed properties.

After joining the firm in 2021, he works with clients, agents and developers and assisted the lawyers to oversee operations throughout the whole conveyancing process.